Resisting Police Violence: Demanding Justice and Accountability for Victims of Systemic Racism

A discussion to expand the definition of what it means to be directly impacted by police and State-sanctioned violence and to highlight and recognise the deeper impacts of systemic racism.

About the event - Resisting Police Violence
When we think of police violence, the images that are conjured up are of Black men being targeted and tortured at the hands of law enforcement.

While these images are important, they tell only a part of the story. What are the harms that we are not seeing?  How are those harms felt more broadly by communities that are impacted directly and those who witness its effects as the humdrum of terror running automatically in the background? And, how are human rights defenders using the United Nations as a tool to expose these violations and seek justice for victims? 
This event, organized by the UN Anti-Racism Coalition, addressed these questions and expand the definition of what it means to be directly impacted by police and State-sanctioned violence. The aim is to highlight and recognize the broader and deeper impacts of systemic racism.
    • Ana Paula Oliveira, Bruna da Silva, Vanessa Francisco Sales, human rights defenders from Brazil 
    • María Mercedes Manjarrez, human rights defender from Colombia  
    • Esther Mamadou, human rights defender from Spain  
    • Ejim Dike, human rights defender from Nigeria  
    • Nassimbwa Hamidah, grassroots activist and community organiser from Uganda
    • Adrienne Hood, human rights defender from the United States 
    • Iki Yos, Caribbean, afrodiasporic-transborder artist, performer, and anti-racist activist
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UNARC Planning Committee (June Side Event):

Ana Barreto (National Birth Equity Collaborative)

Alejandro Lanz (Temblores)

Alejandro Rodriguez (Temblores)

Ulisses Terto Neto (Sociedade Maranhense De Direitos Humanos) 

Jamil Dakwar (ACLU)

Siobhan Wills (Ulster University)

Ojeaku Nwabuzo (European Network Against Racism)

Salma El Hosseiny (ISHR)

Lamar Bailey (UNARC)

Salimah Hankins (UNARC)

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